Local guide

Ōura leisurely walk (guided settlement walk tour)

Walking in Ōura-ku with the guidance of Mr. Tomosusi living in the great lane

While learning the culture and history of Oura, I will show you every corner of a village It can't see usually!

Price: ¥ 2,000


※ Duration: about 2 hours 2 ~ 10 persons

To make a reservation to Wasaka Ōura Park


Hisashi Ward Natural Culture Expedition Corps (Guided Village Walking Tour)

History and culture of Kushi-ku that Mr. Miyazato residing in Kushi-ku guides.

Let's explore places of worship and historic sites that you can not normally enter with the local guide!


Price: ¥ 2,000


※ Duration: about 2 hours 2 ~ 10 people

Village walking tour & production interaction tour

Field farmer Nohara shipping to Wansaka Ōura Park made a set of strolls and harvest experiences in the area.

Price 2,000 yen

  ※ Duration: about 2 hours

Capacity: 2 to 10 persons