Introduction of stores in Wansaka Ōura park

○ ○ (marumaru)  Tempura · Donburi (rice bowl)

Nago city's sisters started delicious Okinawa Tempura & Rice Bowl restaurant ♪

Okinawa Tempura uses plenty of eggs in his clothes, thick and thick, putting salt in Okinawa and taste firmly attached.

it is very profitable, around 60 yen per piece.

There are two seats in the shop, five to six seats outside the shop, you can take it on the                       spot.  take away is available.

Opened in November 2017.

Minami no hatake (Southern fields)

Nago sisters make delicious set menu ♪

The most popular is Okinawa soba!

Shogayaki (Ginger roasted pork cutlet) vegetable champuru and tofu champuru are as set menu  680 ¥!

There are plenty of seats in the shop, so please even a group ♪

Enjoy your meal with beautiful scenery of Ōura bay  ♪

Yakitori 「Kuinana」

Opened in November 2017! !

Bro.Sedake is making it ♪


Openning from noon until 20:30,


It is recommended for lunch, dinner side dish with BEER!!

New menu also available and coming ♪