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Shops selling original food etc. using agricultural products

Wansaka Ōura Park's recommended sweets

Okinawa confectionery sata andagi


with deep red potato jam


The sweetness of nature matches it and it is delicious.

Mango parfait 650 ¥

Sīkuwasa ice cream float 650 ¥

Brown sugar Zenzai 300 ¥

Super-Brown sugar Zenzai 300 ¥

Black honey soybean flour Zenzai 498 ¥

Coffee ice cream float

398 ¥

Soft ice cream Zenzai 480 ¥

Direct sale corner

Fresh vegetables and fruits harvested locally are sold at the direct sales department.

I also sell juicy, pot-egg eggs, pumpkin curry bread etc, handmade in my cooking room.

Different items arrive from the farmer every day, so you can enjoy it even if you come everyday.

There are various suites of Mango. Suites specialty shop "Okinawa Shop".

Works of "Shiroma Shisa" Ryukyu home made workshop located at Kayo in Nago City.

Wansaka original dry papaya also


It is very popular ♪

We are also selling works of "Fujisaki Binggata Studio" which is a dyed product which was born and raised in Okinawa and makes binggata, which is one of dynasty culture cultivated in long history and climate.

There are also traditional Okinawan instruments such as Taiko, Paranku, Samba and Kuroki.

Sea grapes of Higashi-son and Ginoza are selling at resonable price

Mangrove seedlings are on sale!

Sales of mangrove seedlings started at Wansaka Ōura park!


 Together in the room ...

Because growth speed is slow, it can be enjoyed for a long time.

Since it is okay if you do not cut water with tap water,

Maintenance is also easy!



Because it absorbs nutrition like aquatic plants, water becomes hard to become dirty.


Selling mehirugi and ohirugi!

            Each 680 ¥