Staffs introduction

Shin Nakamura

Hometown: Nago City, Okinawa 

Job title: Vice Administrator

Kayak tour instructor

Length of service: 7 years


I started to work at Wansaka Ōura Park

I was invited to join the launch of a new facility in the great ura area that passed since I was a kid.


Good point of Wansaka Park

With landscape that is not different so much from old days

Where the energetic staff is working hard


Recommend menu


      · The world's most delicious                                                                          "Wansaka Jusi

                                                                                        · Fresh sikuwasa juice

                                                                       If you come here then you can                                                                         fine "delicious" and "Funny things" 

Yukihide  Fukada


Hometown: Saitama Japan

(Grandfather from Nago City Futami)

Position: Administrative Officer


Length of service:  1 year

Recently a second child was born ♪


I started to work at Wansaka Ōura Park

 I felt that the bright future and possibilities of society in the future are in rural areas, I have a relationship with this area, my hometown of my grandfather, and moved to my place in 2012. After working as a community building coordinator, I am working as a secretariat of the private housing business and working at Wansaka Ōura Park.


Good point of Wansaka Ōura Park

 In this area where both people and the environment are wonderful, there is an environment where we can work on creating work to protect living and rich environment, and I am feeling very rewarding.



 I can feel the subtropical dynamic nature

· Promenade "Mangrove Road"

· Kayaking experience


 As far as tourist sites are concerned, the Nago east coast has not been developed extensively, but the landscape and values of the rustic Okinawa Yanbaru remain. Taking advantage of the treasure of such a region, many people in the area, such as Wansaka  Ōura Park, cooperate with each other, and the flow and interesting movement of people who have never been before are born more and more. I would like to realize a wonderful area based on the desire to do such a living in this area of one person.