Here is our kitchen

Wansaka Ōura park's cooking room

 Wansaka Ōura cooking staffs handmade products that can be delivered securely

 We are making our produts with love.

 Please enjoy the scenery of cooking room that you can not normally see ♪

Wansaka Original products

       Deep red potato  Sata-andagi

Using pouder of Sata-andagi

add butter and eggs

Mixing well

Well done

Wrap with the paste of deep red potato

looks good

Fry about 20 minutes on 160 degrees oil

Here's for you!

Wansaka Original products

                 Pork Tamago (ham & omelete)

on a seaweed

add rice

and omelet

 ham also 

don't forget mayonnaise

holding with love

Here's for you now ready to eat