Wansaka Ōura park was constructed for traditional arts (Eisa dance etc.) and holding regional participation programs and events utilizing regional resources (sea, river, mangrove), historical sites and others, we aimed to inherit the regional culture and utilized regional food culture (agricultural products, fish and shellfish) Promotion of local production areas by development and processed items, selling the products as local products, etc.

About pacilities

Facility name: Wansa Ōura Park (Nago City Futami Kita area interchange center base facility)


(01) Business name: Regional base relationship development project in the East Coast area            of Nago City (10 areas, north of Futami)


(02) Business entity: Nago City


(03) Auxiliary project name: Okinawa Northern Special Promotion Countermeasure Project              Cost


(04) Business year: 2007 - 2008 year (carry over:  2009)


(05) Business location: 465-8 & 465-7, Aza-ŌURA ,NAGO city, Okinawa


(06) Operating expenses: 359,666 thousand yen (National treasury 321,948 thousand yen)


(07) Structure: Reinforced concrete building


(08) Floor area: 8,060.06 m2


(09) Construction area: 986.76 m2


(10) Extended floor area: 685.62 m 2


(11) Number of vehicles parking: 46 ordinary passenger cars, 3 large buses,  2 priority                         parking lots