Ōura Mangrove Promenade OPEN!

Ōura Mangrove Promenade (Ōurakawa Nature Experience Facility)

Nago City Designated Natural Monument, the Great Stone Mangrove Forest and the tideland creatures,

It is a 726-meter water promenade where you can observe the living thing up close.

As a bridge using GRP material excellent in corrosion resistance and electric resistance,

Currently, it boasts the world's longest length.

It was completed in March, Heisei.

When using the "Ōura Mangrove Road"

Purchase admission tickets at "Wasaka Ōura Park" cash register,

Please enter.


Admission fee Adult: ¥ 350

Child (elementary and junior high school student): ¥ 200

Less than elementary school student: free (accompanied by parents)

※ Entrance fee of everyone is conservation activities of the Ooura River Mangrove

We will use it to maintain mangrove road.


Toilets and vending machines are not installed in the middle of the "Ōura Mangrove Road".

Please use the advance washroom and purchase drink at "Wasaka Ōura Park".

Meals at "Mangrove Road" are forbidden.

Also, "Mangrove Road" is prohibited from smoking (no smoking).

Please refrain from entering with a pet (excluding assistance dog).

· Collection of animals and plants is prohibited.


At direct sales stations, mangrove seedlings are on sale well!

Mangrove seedlings are on sale!

✩ Big news ✩

Mitz · Mangrove wrote in my blog ♪

Mangrove and Mangrove Promenade of Nago City Ohoura

Whether somehow many people know it,

I was sorry to have sent Mr. Mangrove a mangrove,

How! I wrote blog about things about Mangrove and the promenade! ^ ^

The story of the origins of the artistic name and the affection for the mangroves are very felt at the 20th anniversary,

He made my heart warm ♪

"Mangrove in the twentieth year"



Mitsu's mangrove ohirghi is also growing up healthily ♪


Even the livedoor news has taken up!


Sales of mangrove seedlings started at Wansaka ŌuraPark!


Together in the room ...

■ Growth speed is slow, so it can be enjoyed for a long time.

■ It is okay if you do not cut water with tap water, maintenance is also okay with less!


To keep living beings in aquarium · · ·

Because it absorbs nutrition like aquatic plants, water becomes hard to become dirty.


Selling mechirugi and ohirugi!

Each 680 yen

Binoculars rental is available ♪

We are renting binoculars so that living things and distant scenery can be seen very often ♪

~ Details ~

Magnification: 8 times effective diameter of the objective lens: 21 mm

~ Fee ~

100 yen Deposit: 500 yen

(Deposit will be refund after returned)

When you need, please let us our staff  ^ ^